Title: Portal
Artist: Lights
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this is such a pretty song
i am so excited for her new album

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LIGHTS - Portal [Official Video]

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Me for all of high school

also me on a treadmill

also me at work

"You can be a feminist that loves dolling up, wearing stilettos and loves make up, loves lingerie, loves looking beautiful, or you can be a feminist that doesn’t give a shit, or you can be somewhere in between. It doesn’t really matter. It shouldn’t apply to physicality. Feminism is just the making of a decision by your own volition. As long as you don’t feel as though you are living by the expectations of somebody else. I guess that’s how I’ve broken it down for myself."

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"If I wasn’t an actor, I would probably be writing or doing something with psychology." - Maddie Hasson.

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I am no mere mortal. [insp.]

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